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Bronze sculpture with organic patina  

This website is really a photo album,  with a retrospective look at IceBear art in all its variations, and to help you know more about the artist himself, with a few stories, and a some highlights of his long career. If there is something else you would like to know, please go to the last page and send us a question by email.

Abstracts                  ‘Fermi’ at Ukama Gallery

Nature       The Mother Tree


Nautilus and Heron  20” sand blasted heavy glass 

 These 2  IceBear designs are available directly from the artist and either can be delivered anywhere on lower Vancouver Island. 

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  Welcome to IceBear’s world, a place where imagination rules, wonder and curiosity are the order of the day. 

Translation and meaning is often left entirely to you the viewer; interpret and take away from any individual piece  

of art what you will. Some will find magical beings, spirits 

or imaginary creatures floating through, others will find nothing but the most obvious. There is no right or wrong.

But we have been told by many collectors that even years after living with a painting, one day when they look at it, 

they find things  they have never seen before. Perhaps it is 

a trick of the light, a shadow, a fleck of dust, but that original sense of wonder is recreated, and we receive happy posts of  thanks and appreciation!

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Summer 2022

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Newest works


The Raven and the Hawk

yellow cedar 36” 


Acrylic on canvas


Size: 6’3” x 5’

IceBear invites the viewer to travel with him into the Sargasso Sea, to experience the vastness of the region, the richness of life that has evolved to live there, and the precariousness for those who thrive around it, but are not equipped to deal with the enveloping arms of the ever expanding weed. 

‘Sargasso’ is an expression of life in parts of the South Atlantic and Caribbean where ocean currents meet and create a massive ocean gyre, slowly turning, and carrying with it a vast area of yellow brown seaweed.  Ancient enough to have developed its own ecosystem, it is home a myriad of species, many unique to this section of ocean, having adjusted to life in it over the centuries. Its’ deceptively calm blue waters have lured many unwary sailing ships over the centuries to venture across it, only to find themselves trapped and lost in its web, vulnerable to incoming storms and unable to flee.



Protect the Spirit

Public Art    

UN  Year of the Ocean Mural,  1998 Sidney, BC

Welcome ~ Abstracts ~ Native ~ Nature ~ Public Art ~ Sculpture ~ Stories ~ About the Artist ~ Events ~ Catalogue & Contact

IceBear was awarded a Canada Council Grant to aid in the publication of the catalogue and video of last summer’s exhibition . Work is now underway on an expanded book length version .

A book launch will be held later this summer

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