Four Winds: monumental public artwork in mixed resins commission by Amadon Estates for installation at Mermaid Wharf, near the Johnston Street Bridge in Victoria BC. Completed and installed in the late 90s

Fire Rain:  soap stone

approx 2 ft high


Four Winds in Cedar

5'3' in diameter,

about 6 ' deep high relief

private collection

Nautilus  Mixed media sculptural maquette available as is or by commission,

can be sized to suit.

See Nautilus at Ukama Gallery, Vancouver


Limited Edition Bronze with patina, 24" tall

for more information: contact IceBear

Dance of Eagles: Art for Truth and Reconciliation: a sculptural maquette created from new high tech resins.  It is the artist's hope to be able to create this in monumental size some day.

Dance depicts that moment in time when two eagles, high in the sky, lock their talons and tumble earthward, separating, only at the last minute, to avoid crashing into the ground. Then they lift their wings and soar safely and gracefully back into the heavens. Dance is about balance, and timing, and working together, lessons humans would do well to learn. For more about this sculpture and its meaning, visit

For more information contact IceBear Studio

Etude in White, mixed media created in modern resins and acrylics, on canvas. 

private collection 

Black Elk.  Monkey puzzle wood, porcupine quills, sweet grass..commissioned piece. 

Etude 2, Origins

‚Äč3' x 6'

Mixed media and acrylics on canvas

Available for purchase at Ukama Gallery

Granville Island, Vancouver, BC