Protecting the Spirit

Original acrylic on canvas

Ukama Gallery,  Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

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artist Chris Johnston, Chris Johnson, 

IceBear, contemporary native art, painting, sculpture

abstract, impressionistic, bas relief,

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Dance of Eagles; IceBear's contribution to the Truth and Reconciliation process: a sculpture representing the need for all in the family of Canada to come together, to find a balance, to know when to let go of old animosities, and soar to new heights, side by side, as a united nation.

Welcome to IceBear's new online art portfolio, we hope to grow it over the next few weeks and months.  Only a small portion of IceBear art from over the years is here at the moment, we welcome inquiries about additional paintings and sculpture.

IceBear is a Canadian aboriginal artist, Ojibway by birth, from the Cape Croker Reserve in Ontario. His paintings are non traditional, powerful, contemporary acrylic on canvas. They run the gamut from impressionistic nature creations to large mystical abstracts often filled with faces and creatures, visible only to those with the eyes and imagination to find them.

Recent Works

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Etude II: Origins

Mixed media high relief on canvas,

3' x 6'

shown here at Ukama Gallery,

Granville Island,

Vancouver, BC